Dental Implant Placement

When teeth are lost, there are several options to replace the spaces left behind. Dental implants have become the standard of care for the replacement of teeth because they allow a missing tooth (or teeth) to be restored without invading or damaging any other teeth or tissues. Implants are very versatile and can successfully treat many situations. We use dental implants to treat several different situations including:

1. Loss of a single tooth or a few teeth

2. Stabilizing full dentures or partial dentures

3. Permanently restoring entire arches

We have years of experience providing all aspects of dental implant treatment from the placement of the actual implant to the placement of the final crown. In most cases, we can perform all the steps of the implant process within our office so there is no need for referrals. If you feel you could benefit from dental implant(s), please call to schedule a complementary consultation.

Loss of a single tooth:

When a single tooth is lost, an implant can be used to replace the tooth. An implant can serve as a man-made root and will leave the patient with as close to a natural tooth function and appearance as possible. Often times, a patient can leave with a temporary crown on the dental implant the same day it is placed.

Here are some photos of cases completed at our office:

Stabilizing full dentures or partial dentures:

Dentures can be used to replace many or even all missing teeth. However, sometimes even the best designed denture cannot provide the stability, comfort, and/or function that are desired. In those cases, implants can be used to stabilize the denture. Instead of attaching a tooth to an implant, a fitting is attached that allows the denture to “snap” into place. This type of system can be used when making new dentures or to improve existing dentures.

Permanently restoring entire arches:


When all teeth of an arch are missing or need to be taken out, one of the best options for replacement is an “all-on-four” implant-supported permanent denture. This is the type of dental solution that you see ads for on television that promise to transform your mouth quickly. It is remarkable dentistry – very stable, very esthetic, and very functional – and permanently in place!